The founders of America. Not only believed there was a most high God. They further proclaimed as they sought their freedom from King George of England. That they would have no king rule over them only the most High God’s Vice regent King Jesus the Christ.

However now the founders have gone to their reward. There has emerged from hiding. A long list individuals, groups and government agencies who are doing everything in there power to destroy and discredit the beliefs of our founding fathers.

However just think for a moment what if our founding fathers and mothers were right. That there was a most High God our maker. Who rules in the affaires of men. That in due time he will send his vice regent. Jesus the Christ at the head of a vast army of supernatural beings. To force a regime change on earth, and to restore justice for all.

Then don’t you think that it would be in your best interest. To get his side and to comply with his instruction. As he who inherits eternity can make you wish you did. Now he can cut your life short now.

Or wait until you die and then make you pay for your crimes of rebellion forever! Because he is in no hurry he can get you now or he can get you latter. This was this belief upon which the founders acted. This philosophy made America the greatest nation on earth.

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