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The Global Church of God is now in the process of establishing an information watch bulletin. That will give you current news up dates on events that are mile stones in the unfolding of end time Bible prophecy.

With this bulletin we will be your watchman to warn you of threats to you, your families and loved ones. The security our nation, as well as the world with predications in advance of events that will be occurring on the world seen that will dramatically affect your life.

We will also be providing you with information that will help you grow spiritually. How to have a happy and more abundant life here and now. As well as life for all eternity. Information that you can apply in your everyday life.

This information will meet you where the rubber meets the road. Information that
based on eternal principles that were proven to be correct. For at least four thousand years of our modern recorded history. That you can use immediately in your daily life.
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