Our Work


The Work of the Global Church of God is to bring to you the good news of the soon coming restoration of the government of God on earth.

That the real but hidden government on this planet on the day by day operation. Is controlled by the person whom Jesus Christ called the god of this world. This powerful
being who is called Lucifer/Satan a traitor, who conspired with a third of the spirit race (Angeles).To attack and attempt to overthrow their maker and the most high God.

The result was a war in the heavens at which time Satan and a third of the Angeles lost and were forced out of heaven and back down to the plant earth. Which has been their headquarter to this day.

Satan not only hates God but he also hates the entire human race the children of Adam and Eve (This means you ). He has done everything in his power to destroy us.

He is now preparing this world for his last stand against a soon coming attack by his maker. Who’s armies are under the command of Jesus Christ that will soon attack Satan last strong hold, invade the earth and depose him, his armies and is government.

It also appears that he believes that if he can use the collective talents and abilities of the human race. Who are made in the image of God. That he will be able to defeat his maker.

His evil plan will not work however for not only has he already been defeated in a previous military battle against Gods Armies under the command of the great prince Michael. He was furthermore again defeated after he caused the murder of Jesus Christ.
When he was resurrected from the dead by the most high God and our father.

His fate is already determined and he is doomed. For Christ is no longer mortal and he is now the second in command of the entire universe. He is also commander of the Armies of God who is unconquerable and undefeatable in battle.

He is now king of kings and lord of lords. He also has qualified and appointed as the new king of this earth. He will be coming soon with his army from this governing Headquarters in heaven and make a permanent regime change on earth.

King Jesus will set up his world government headquarters in Israel at the city of Jerusalem. From which he and his followers will rule all the nations and peoples of this world. Then finally we will at last have world peace and paradise heaven on earth. We need to pray that God allows this too happed as soon as possible.

The exciting news is that our father the most high God through the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. Is not only offering you the ability to receive life for all eternity. Equality as important is the opportunity to rule with God on earth. To be a part of his government helping to solve all this worlds problems.

To restore the world back to the paradise that it was designed to be. We offer you the opportunity to receive this free gift yourself. To help us in this work of warning this world of the evils that are coming on this planet in the short run and the joys for all eternity.

Sincerely Yours
Global Church of God