Our Unseen Enemy



We Are in fact Being Visited By Beings From Another World!

Most people even those who are religious do not know that we live in a hostile planet. That in a dimension that we cannot normally see. That there is a whole race of spirit beings that visit us regularly some are agents of our Creator . The others are under the Government of the powerful being who was named Lucifer.

This being persuaded one third of the innumerable beings of the spirit race. To rebel against the government of the most high God his maker. They launched a military attack in an effort to unseat God as the king of the universe.

He lost and was forced back to his headquarters on earth. At some point after that. The most high God created our parents Adam & Eve. Who were appointed to replace Satan as the king of this world.

Satan and his helpers caused Adam and Eve to disobey God and to listen to him instead. From that day to this he has been attempting to destroy the human race. Which includes you and your loved ones.

He and his government have also recruited front men an women. From among the human race to act as his agents in this dimension. They are at every level from the homeless in the street, to the richest, palaces, churches, boardrooms, and governments in the world.

It’s important to remember that Satan and his servants do not in most cases appear with horns an a tail. Or with menacing looks or actions. Most of the time until they have the power and control. They appear as Angeles of light. With a we are here to help you appearance.

The only antidote to this evil is the word of God. As it has been revealed in our bible. You must study it for yourself and teach it to your family and loved ones. You also must (A) Become a member of Gods Family & Government.

This is done by requesting from the most high God (our Father) a pardon for all your (Sins) imperfections. Excepting the price that Jesus Christ who is the Number two authority in the universe. Who paid with his life by allowing himself to be murdered by Satan’s agents. So that God would be allowed to give you life for eternity. See Man’s only Salvation

Then except that he is the king under whose authority you wilfully submit yourself . Once this has been done, you have the authority to go to the most high God. The supreme ruler of the universe who is also our father.

To request his protection and any thing else you may wish. However make sure when you ask that you conclude your request. With the stipulation that his will be done for. Something’s we wish for can harm us.

At this page you will be finding additional information on our unseen enemy. How you can further protect yourself and your love ones from being a victim. In the war against the people of this world, our nations and churches. Check back here often.