Man’s Only Salvation



The most high God. The Creator of the universe and the God of the founders of America. Is not God because he is good. It is because he is the creator of this entire universe and has the ultimate power to do as he pleases.

As the old saying goes he who has the Gold makes the rules. The most high God made all the gold and he makes all the rules. What you or I may think is right, wrong, fair or just is irrelevant. For whatever God commands that is the law and the rules.

The most high God had decided before the worlds were formed and man was created. That if our parents Adam & Eve failed the test. To put their complete trust in God and not obey the teachings of that powerful spiritual being Satan the (adversary) Devil.

That he would still save his children through the sacrifice. Of the life of the Devine Being called the Word in the old treatment, or Jesus Christ in the new. Who as the lamb of God risk his eternal life to pay the price for the individual and collective sins of the human race.

God had decreed that the only way that anyone can obtain eternal life is through
excepting the Lord Ship of Jesus Christ over them. An then by requesting an executive pardon from your (sins) crimes using the only law available. Which is by evoking the authority of Jesus Christ in this matter.

There are no other gods, religions, or beliefs. That has the authority to grant you your request for eternal life. It is just like requesting a (pardon) from the government of Russia for a crime you committed in the United States. Even if they would issue you, a pardon it would be worthless. As it has no authority over the government of the United States.

In like manner no person, religion, church, or other belief. Can provide you with the Gift of Eternal Life. All of your efforts no matter how sincere or how hard you work. Will all be in vain. As this free gift comes only from the most high God and his government. Thru the authority that he invested in Jesus Christ.

I therefore I encourage you to choose life for all eternity. By accepting Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. (Who is now the second in command of this universe) and his authority over your life! Do not delay your decision for you might never have another chance.

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