Man Made In God’s Images


If you want to know what God looks like go to a mirror and look straight in it. What you see is the appearance of God. We were made after this design and pattern. Which is the shape that God has chosen to have. While we all have different shapes, sizes, colors, talents, abilities, we all are made to look like him.

While there are beings in the spirit world that look like man they are not man.. There is even the possibility that even in this physical universe. That there are or were being that have a similar appearance to us. It is even possible that prior to Noah’s flood that our ancestors had developed space travel and their children are now living on other planets.

This however has no direct bearing on what we are. As when God made Adam and Eve he created a new and very special race of beings. We are the only race that was made with the ability to be changed from the physical children of God. To become his very offspring. Made into the very race and substance of God.

We will be higher and superior to all being in the universe except of our fellow brothers and sisters who are born into the family of God. This is a fact that Satan and his followers hate. As I am sure you know that the value of any thing. Is to a large extent based on what someone is willing to pay for it. For what may be of no value to one is priceless to another.

God places such value on you! That he allowed another Divine being Jesus Christ . Who became the first member of the human family, to obtain the very essence of The Most High God. our father. It was he who gave his life to rescue us. In fact each individual is so important and valuable that we are call jewels in his (GOD) crown , and his inheritance.

Therefore no matter how low, you believe your status is in this world. How poor you are, your lack of education, talent’s, abilities, power or position in life. To God you are invaluable he loves you just as you are. It is his only opinion that really counts in this matter and no one else .

It is important to remember that we have the opportunity. To be members of a royal family King an Priest in the ruling family of the universe. Therefore do not forget this and let no man or spirt take this fact from you.

For further details on how you can obtain this free gift of eternal life and become a member of Gods very own family see our section on Man’s Only Salvation Or Email your questions to us.