The Global Church of God was established in the service of The Most High God (The creator of the universe) and of his vice regent, and the second in command of the entire universe Jesus the Christ.

It is our intention to bring you the plain truth about the greatness of God his power and glory. The opportunity that he offers you. Which is to become a members of his royal family sons and daughter, kings and queens.

We also intend to provide you with the exciting truth of the man Jesus Christ who at our father’s instructions created everything . Who became a man and risk every thing including his own eternal life to rescue Adams children from total destruction.

It was he who is also (God ) allowed himself to be murdered to pay the price for our wrong doings. This was so that we would be allowed to receive the free gift of eternal life. With the pleasures beyond our wildest imaginations for ever more. With the ability to become a member of Gods very own family for ever.

We will also be providing you with information to help your spiritual development and education to help you and your family live a happy prosperous and for filling lives. In plain everyday language so that you can understand it.

Equally as important is that we will also act as your watchman. We will be warning you of local nationally and international events. That pose a threat to your physical and spiritual life and well being.

Our understand of end time prophecy is second to none. As the result will be bringing you constant updates on acts or events. That are fulfilling bible prophecy which you will find at no other single source.

Events that brings us ever closer to the finial regime change on earth. By the conquest of earth by king Jesus Christ. With his reestablishment of Gods government and world peace on earth by force.

Therefore your own good check out our website often.

Sincerely Yours Staff
Global Church of God