Higher Education Opportunities

Higher Education Opportunities

The Global Church of God in the tradition of the founders of America. Realize that education is of the upmost importance in a Christian’s life. For that reason it was churches that supported and founded most of the Colleges and Universities in America.

For the training of the ministry. As well as training people in career skills and how to have the most successful and prosperous life. Including prominent ones such as Harvard University. Which in our opinion with other prominent private and state operated university’s have now abandoned these principles .

Their however is an effort to restore and bring to you this type of true education and the following University is in the vanguard and a leader in this effort.

UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY: This is a Christian Founded University that offers Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degree programs in most areas. That are based and founded upon the educational principles that the founders used to make America great. Most university in America have long ago abandoned these principles .

They offer degree programs in religious as well as what is now considered secular or career degree program. Through their adult degree programs. They allow credit for previous education, and life learning experience, and all uncompleted requirements can be completed from your home or office. Their World Wide Web Site is WWW.USIU1.ORG .