God Demands Justice For All

God Demands Justice For All

The requirement for justice by God is far more important than most people realize. For God has commanded that justice, justice you shall pursue. God requires that all be judged the same equal justice for all. With no favor given to the rich or special treatment given to the poor.

All are to be judged on the merits of the case and on nothing else in regards to guilt or innocence. In fact the violation of this law is so serious. In God eyes that it is one of the major reasons that he sent his special people the children of Israel into national slavery.

The founding fathers of America knowing the seriousness of the failure of any people to administer justice in its society. Demonstrated their intent to comply with the commands of God for justice.

That they as their first command in the very preamble of the United States Constitution established justice. Further more our greatest Americans have warned that they feared for our nation because God is a just God.

That he will hold us accountable both as a nation and as individual. If we do not follow his commands for justice. If our leaders refuse to obey Gods Commands in this regard. We must remove them and replace them with those who will. For if we do not we all will suffer for the evil that they do.

We will be placing on this page. In the future additional and more specific information regarding Gods commands for justice. Check back here often for additional instruction in this regard.

It is our desire as soon as the money is available to start a chat room where specific Issues regarding justice can be discussed. Your prayers and support is welcomed and appreciate!