Develop Your Full Potential


Christ parable of the talents shows that God expects us to take the talents and abilities that he has given us and develop them to the fullest. One of the major ways that we do this is through education.. On this page we will list resources that will help you develop to your fullest potential.

The following is a few Christian controlled organizations where you can obtain this type of information.

Success International Corporation: Provides personal success counseling self improvement and personal, development, programs, products and services. Their world wide web page is WWW.SICX.NET

UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY: This is a Christian founded University that offers Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degree programs in most areas. That are based and founded upon the educational principles that the founders used to make America great. Most university in America have long ago abandoned these principles .

They offer degree programs in religious as well as what is now considered secular or career degree program. Through their adult degree programs. They allow credit for previous education, and life learning experience, and all uncompleted requirements can be completed from your home or office. Their World Wide Web Site is WWW.USIU1.ORG.